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How Barton Healthcare Staffing Can Help Your IHS Facility

Posted on: November 11, 2020

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As a nursing and allied health staffing and recruiting company, we operate under the motto: Quality. One relationship at a time. 

What does this mean for your IHS facility? Read on to learn more about our IHS staffing experience and solutions.


Barton Healthcare Staffing (BHS) has extensive experience in staffing for IHS facilities, and is therefore familiar with the unique challenges that you face. Barton is able to help facilities like yours who have the following challenges find and retain healthcare talent:

  • Facilities with chronic staffing shortages, who lack qualified healthcare professionals to provide care to communities with high levels of chronic diseases. 
  • Clients in a wide variety of areas, who serve tribal patients who have limited access to other options for quality healthcare.
  • Clients who need a clinician who will fit their culture — providing great care to children, elders, and everyone in between.

When it comes to staffing for the American Indian and Alaska Native populations,  we understand the importance of new employees fitting in with your culture. When your dedicated account manager chooses candidates for your review, you can be sure that clinicians are qualified, and have been extensively pre-vetted to ensure that their values, and expectations are an appropriate match for your facility.

Consider this quote from a recent IHS tribal client:

“As a rural, tribal healthcare organization, finding healthcare providers who are mission driven and are passionate about working for the underserved population is a challenge to say the least. Taking this into consideration, the team of recruiters at Barton carefully selected and presented clinicians who fit our mission and values.”

-Sophia V., Human Resource Manager/ Credentialing Coordinator

Ultimately, BHS understands the importance of partnering with the IHS to uphold the Federal Government's obligation to promote Indian people, communities, and cultures. It is our honor to help protect the inherent sovereign rights of Tribes.

Have any questions, or want to learn more? Speak with your account manager to get started today.

BHS Team
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Barton Healthcare Staffing focuses on building a broad network of quality nursing and allied health clinicians — One relationship at a time. Our team partners with a variety of healthcare settings throughout the country to place medical professionals in temporary positions.